Loafer for men: The ultimate styling and caring guide

Your footwear is one of the most important aspects of fashion. Knowing everything about Loafers for men, such as when to wear them or how to wear them is important. For all such details about loafers for men, and a lot more on caring tips, let us read this blog.


Your Shoes are one of the crucial parts of not just your wardrobe but also your appearance. They instantly catch the attention of people around you. And hence, it is important to know everything about the type of shoes which you are wearing or the trend which is in. Here, we have talked about loafers for men which are the most sought after shoes these days, as they speak class and lend utter comfort.

Let us talk about these shoes in detail along with a comprehensive care guide to help you keep your shoes as good as new for a longer period of time.


About Loafers for men

Loafers for men are undeniably one of the classic and most comfortable kinds of footwear. They are so versatile that you can carry them to formal as well as informal occasions provided you know the important styling tips. These slip-on shoes offer comfort and are easy & quick to wear. They come in different materials as well as colors to choose from. 


When you Buy loafer shoes, which material to choose?

Well, while buying loafers for men, it is important that you pick the right material as it is going to decide when and whether you can wear them as well as the fact that how long they are going to last. You can choose from Leather, Canvas, Synthetics, Denims, Foam, etc. However, most of the people prefer Leather or suede loafer for men owing to the versatile look it has to offer as well as the comfort it gives to the feet. They both have pros and cons and you can pick them based on the occasion you plan to head out for.

Not just colors, loafers for men, come in many different styles as well. You can choose from Gucci Loafers, Tassel Loafers, Penny Loafers, and many more. It is advisable to choose a type, color or material based on your preferences as well as according to the occasion you plan to wear your Loafer shoe.


Secret Styling Tips for Loafer for men

  1. To keep things casual, opt for suede loafers.
  2. For formals as well as semi-formal occasions buy Loafers for men made up of leather.
  3. If you wish to wear shorts, consider driving loafers as an option.
  4. For everyday use, try to pair your loafers with another smart-casual outfit.
  5. If you want to appear more formal, go for leather loafers.
  6. Socks (at least the visible variety) should never be worn with loafers! And in case, you really need to wear Socks with Loafer Shoes, then go with the specific Loafer socks.
  7. Always opt for branded loafers for men, they are not just trendiest but also good offer comfort to your feet.
  8. Go for brands which make shoes from Italian leather as it is the finest variety of leathers one can ask for and shoes made-up of Italian Leather look outstanding.
  9. If you truly want to wear socks, choose a design that matches (or complements) your apparel colors so others know it's on purpose.


Styling Tips based on the occasion


Loafer Shoe and Casual Look!

Of course, this could be one of the best combinations! All you need is the right styling tip for pairing them up. You can match your semi-formal loafers for men with a smart shirt and jeans. You can also team them up with cool t-shirts and chinos. These loafers go best with Summer-y Shirt and a pair of jeans as well. The options are many and so are the number of casual occasions. You can choose the perfect one as per your suitability.


Pro tip: Avoid going for subtle colors, like darker shades of blue, black or brown, as these loafers for men go with maximum occasions. Also, too embellished pairs can also be one or two-time wear, so you can plan to invest in something which you can carry to maximum occasions.


Loafers and Formal Occasions.

These practical, comfortable and versatile pairs of shoes can make you look stunning even in formal get-to-gathers. You can pick bold colored loafers for men to complement your formal look. Make sure your shoes as well as your clothes are monotone as too many colors will spoil the look on any formal occasion. In case, you choose to wear a suit you can go with short length trousers and do not forget to go sockless.      


Some quick Care tips for your Loafers for men.

Your shoes need some love and care! We can help you with some quick steps which you can follow to keep them as good as new:

  1. Loafers for men or any other Leather shoes hate moisture so keep them safe. Keep them dry and stow them in the dust bag.
  1. Dust will not just make your shoe look dull but also will have an impact on their lives. So make sure you clean them frequently with a good quality shoe care kit.
  1. Sunlight, that too direct one, is a big NO - NO for your shoes. Store your Loafer Shoes in dark and dry places


Final thought on how buy Loafer Shoes for men

Invest in loafer shoes from a trusted brand. envie escaso is a brand that deals in best quality leather loafer shoes. You can check out the latest colors, made from finest quality Italian leather and choose from the widest range of color options available. 

You can select a suitable size and then get them delivered to your location with some easy payment modes. The prices too are best-in-market for the top-notch quality loafers for men. We hope these secret tips will help you look stunning and will help you have the best pair of shoes.

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