The Ultimate Shoe Care Guide for you!

“One shoe can change your life”- Cinderella

Well, whether you have a Cinderella moment in your life or not, your shoes have undeniably an impactful impression on the people around. It is important to have a good and classic pair of shoes, nevertheless it is equally important to take good care of the shoes which are a valued addition to your closet.

Here is a comprehensive guide with all the important tips which you need to know in order to take care of your leather shoes.

Let us dive deep into it, so your shoes stay shiny and remain as good as new for the longest time:


1. Cleaning them up in the right manner

➔ Wipe away all the dust and soil particles from the surface of the shoes with the help of a clean cotton cloth. Any such particles might lend scratches to the surface of your shoe when you proceed with further steps to keep them shiny.
➔ Before you start with application of any other shoe care products, remember to take off the shoe laces to restrain them from any damage.
➔ Your hand should always be in a supportive position beneath the flap of the shoe such that the shape of the shoe is not distorted.
➔ Make sure your shoes are totally dried up before you store them or even polish them.
➔ Be it cleaning, polishing, conditioning or brushing your shoes, remember to go gentle and follow the right motions as suggested.


2. Store them properly

Storage of Shoes is one of the most important steps that when not done properly might harm the shoe in the long run.
Also, this step is ignored by most of us while we all tend to focus on cleaning and polishing the shoe.

Now that we know this step counts, let’s take a look at the important methods or techniques to follow.
➔ When you store your shoes make sure they are clean & dry. Insert a shoe tree or stuffing paper inside. This ensures that leather doesn’t get wrinkled and the shoe’s shape is not distorted.
➔ Keep them safe in a soft, good quality shoe bag to make sure they are protected from dirt & dust.
➔ Avoid any contact of your shoes with water or even sunlight, especially when you are storing them for a longer period of time. Always store them in cool, dark places, away from direct sunlight.
After storing your shoes for a long time, if you feel the need to soften them a bit, try using a good quality shoe balm and condition them before you proceed with further shoe care steps.


3. Polish and condition them with quality products

We all are aware of this step, however what makes a difference in Shoe Care is not just the method that we follow but also the product that we use. Brushing your shoes every time before wearing them is important.
➔ Using the right products is extremely important and it is advisable that when you buy shoes ask for specific products good for your shoes’ care.
➔ You can also consider buying envie escaso Shoe Care Kit to have credible products. We have been designing them for years together and they can make your whole shoe caring process effortless & efficient.
➔ It is advisable to use neutral shoe creams for shining purposes. While you apply the cream, make sure to use a fresh cloth, apply the cream with gentle hands and follow the application in the circular motion.
➔ Polish your shoes gently to set the shoe cream and give your shoes a spotless shining look.
➔ When you polish your shoe, use a good quality brush to lock the shoe cream which you have applied on them. Soft bristles of the shoe brush create good friction which in turn helps the polish to blend well into the shoe leather and create a flawless shine.


Final words and most important tips on Shoe Care...

It is advisable to buy a shoe care kit from a Brand which is renowned in the industry. Additionally, always ask about special instructions to be followed for the pair of shoes you have ordered and in case you order shoes online, do not forget to read the manual. This helps you add value to your shoes and let them be there in your closet in the best condition for the longest time.
Just remember to keep your treasured pair of Leather Shoes dry all the time, this is one of the most heard yet ignored tips which adds life to your shoes.

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