Sophistication with comfort

Comfort & sophistication come together seamlessly in every pair of envie escaso. Every day outings or longer durations, our shoes have been meticulously designed to make your feet feel at home always

Crafted in finest Italian Leather

Sourced ethically from trusted, reputed vendors, we craftour shoes in premium leather with versatile textures & finishes that age like good old wine. With a soft feel and flawless finish, envie escaso shoes will have people envying you wherever you go

Timeless Design

Minimal, sleek and statement making designs define our line of handmade creations. Casual or formal, you can pair our shoes with almost all outfits of your choice to create an edgy look that will leave a lasting impression. 

Made by wizards

A team of seasoned shoemaking professionals work with us to offer youfootwear that will emerge as the most prized possession in your wardrobe for years to come. Technique, skill & aesthetics, our shoes are a benchmark in professional shoe making.

Built to last

envie escaso shoes have been conceptualized & designed to last for years. Quality leather and top notch designing ensure that your shoes see through the wear & tear with unmatched strength & utmost grace.

Thoughtful pricing

We firmly believe in sharing the joy of premium, handmade shoes with as many people as possible. Our pricing policy is a reflection of this belief. We are committed to bringing you the finest leather shoes at extremely competitive prices today & always!

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Beyond the ordinary

There's a lot that you expect from a pair of perfect shoes. At envie escaso, we take special care to ensure that we don't just meet your expectations but go beyond them. There's nothing about an envie escaso pair that is ordinary.

Exciting Colour Range:

Beyond the usual black and brown, lies the world of envie escaso shoes. We take pride in offering men's shoes in the most exciting range of colours there can be!

Styled with Versatility:

The ageless designs of envie escaso have been conceptualised to complement casual as well as formal attire with equal elegance. Put together your attire & let envie escaso make it magical!

Made in India:

An Indian brand with international standards of excellence, envie escaso truly represents the Vocal for Local spirit. We strive to further India's journey of entrepreneurial excellence.

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